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Use the Best the Automatic Tube Cleaning System to Let Your Chillers Work Effectively-Tsurbendavid

If your’e aware or not of the HVAC systems, they are often seen in the larger facilities. These will considered the largest consumer of energy during the cooling season. It believed that the HVAC systems should burn over 50% of the total energy consumption of the building. If this is happening in your facility, then have you tried to find out the main reasons? No? Then you should note down that several agencies and industry leaders such as Tsur Ben David have pinpointed the operational inefficiencies as a leading cause of this huge consumption. Continue reading this post to find out more.

What is the best solution for operational inefficiencies?

Before we talk about the available solutions, let us discuss the leading causes of the same. Some common issues include biological fouling, dust, corrosion, etc. Luckily, there are some great solutions in the market but the Automated Tube Cleaning System by CET Enviro is without a doubt the best.

Since fouled tubes of the condenser are the main reason why the chillers have lost efficiency, these automated systems work continuously to prevent the build-up of any sort of issue – Tsur Ben David. Why is this important to have such a system in place? This will one of the questions asked by a lot of people who don’t aware of the benefits given by these Automated Tube Cleaning Systems. 

We will not make stories but talk about the facts. It is believed that a facility can have an electricity consumption of USD150000 per year. In normal scenarios (the cost may slightly go up and down). But when there fouled tubes, it can put an additional burden of a whopping amount of USD15000 to USD30000 every year. It becomes even more important to fix the issues as soon as possible and keep the electricity cost and energy consumption under control.

How Automated Tube Cleaning System can make the Performance of Chillers better?

It is said that tube fouling started occurring as soon as you place the heat exchanger into the operations. In general, facilities prefer cleaning these condenser tubes when there is the off-season but right after it, these tubes started fouling again. This can lead to adversely affected efficiency of the chillers, particularly when the months are pretty hot.

But when there is an Automated Tube Cleaning System designed by Tsur Ben David CEO and his fantastic team members, it can work automatically and constantly. It means you do not have to wait for the off-seasons anymore as this system will do it without any external help. Besides, this automated process is controlled by the “Programmable Logic Controller”. It will not only give you details about the system but tell you that it is working as expected. 

Summing it up! This Automated Tube Cleaning System comes with a ball-type technology that works continuously. It will prevent the buildup of several issues such as dust, fouling, scaling, etc. That can affect the efficiency of the chillers. While there is no issue, the chillers will work amazingly with optimum efficiency. To learn more about the eco-friendly Automated Tube Cleaning Systems and other useful details by Tsur Ben David Entrepreneur. Get in touch with them or simply go to the official website to read more.

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