Understanding Purposes and Functions of Cooling Towers | Tsur Ben David

Understanding Purposes and Functions of Cooling Towers | Tsur Ben David

Cooling towers are devices that are designed and used to remove heat. A cooling tower gets warm water or condenser from chillers. The main objective of installing these towers is to cool the water so that it can come back and pick more heat from the chiller – Tsur Ben David, CEO of well-known energy efficiency and non-chemical treatment technologies manufacturer CET Enviro. If you are new to this machine, then keep on reading this post for detailed information.

Cooling Towers for Industries and Buildings

When you connect with a popular provider of nature-friendly treatment solutions such as CET Enviro, you will get to know that there are mainly two types – opened and closed. These standard types of cooling towers are highly used in office-type or city buildings.

Besides, some more types are available in the market. it includes the following:

  • Natural Draft: If you own larger industrial plants, then you can use these natural draft cooling towers. These are designed to help you make operations smooth by removing excessive heat and waste. For this, these cooling towers ride the hot/warm air and release it into the surroundings.
  • Mechanical Draft: These cooling towers force the air through the fan and circulate it. Manufacturers typically use centrifugal and propeller fans in these cooling towers.
  • Forced Draft: In these cooling towers, there are air-moving fans at the base. As a result, they let the air drive through the underside. According to Tsur Ben David, while picking these cooling towers, businesses must keep in mind that these have a lot of water challenges and a limited chance of re-circulation.
  • Cross-Flow: The air is typically flown horizontally in these towers. In cross-flow hot/warm air flows down. Therefore motor drives and fans need something to provide extra protection against moisture.

Functioning of Cooling Towers

Air conditioning tools need something additional to cool down the excessive heat. And no other option is better than a cooling tower. The heated water has flowed through the installed cooling tower. Further, it is re-distributed and exposed to the surrounding cool air.

These towers utilize an evaporation process for heat removal. Once it happens, the cool water enters the air conditioning tool again to repeat the cooling cycle or process.

As per the opinions of CET Enviro’s CEO and founder Tsur Ben David, the purpose of the cooling towers’ fans is to bring the air from the tower’s base and move it up and in different directions. The air available will help the tower in evaporation.

Wrapping it up!

If you look around, then you will notice that cooling towers are almost everywhere. Since every building and company has air conditioning equipment, they need something like a cooling tower to ensure high efficiency and fewer glitches. However, you must opt for a professional company such as CET Enviro by Tsur Ben David CEO for the best solutions in the category of cooling towers and chillers and for eco-friendly treatment technologies.

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