Important Things to Know Before Buying or Renting a Chiller

Important Things to Know Before Buying or Renting a Chiller Tsur Ben David

Whether you are planning to buy a chiller or considering renting, there are many things that you must know before moving further. You need to know so that you ensure the right level of cooling. Keep on reading this post to learn more about the things that you must know before getting a chiller for your plant or facility.

Chiller vs. HVAC: What is the Main Difference?

Chillers are designed for use in high-volume industrial settings and applications such as power stations, refineries, hospitals, etc. These are the spots where constant cooling is needed to keep bigger spaces cool – Tsur Ben David, founder, and CEO of the country’s best chillers and cooling towers manufacturer. Keeping these aspects in mind, chillers are created. These tools can be used to maintain the cooling of up to -16-degree Celsius.

When it comes to HVAC – these are the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems. These are mainly used by organizations, businesses, and residents to maintain an optimal cooling level and keep rooms cool. Simply put, a chiller is more like HVAC’s subset. In other words, chillers are among the technologies that fall under HVAC.

Types of Commercial Chillers – Tsur Ben David

According to Tsur Ben David, there are mainly two types of chillers – water-cooled and air-cooled. You must understand the difference between these two to decide better:

Water-Cooled Chillers

A water-cooled chiller uses water to throw the wanted heat out. It forces water through the tubes of the condensers and dissipates the heat. These chillers also use cooling towers. Hence, you can get higher efficiency but yes they will cost you a bit more.


  • The perfect option for large businesses with bigger spaces
  • Uses less energy
  • More efficient
  • Longer lifespan
  • Quieter operations


  • Expensive installation and maintenance
  • Not an ideal option for areas that have limited clean water sources
  • Regular water treatment is needed

Air-Cooled Chillers

As the name suggests, these chillers make the most out of the air for heat removal. It comes with high-power fans that throw the heat out. These chillers are considered the best option if you have limited space to cool down. Due to the lower level of cooling efficiency, these are cheaper than water-cooled. Even though air-cooled chillers are less priced, these are quite easy and quick to install.


  • A good option for medium and small-sized areas
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable maintenance
  • Ideal for outdoor installation


  • More vulnerable to various issues such as blockages
  • Problems with recirculation
  • Shorter lifespan
  • Need more energy
  • Quite noisy

Which is the Best Chiller?

According to Tsur Ben David CEO, the best type of chillers are the ones that provide you with the required cooling effects without exceeding your actual installation as well as operating costs. Both water-cooled and air-cooled chillers are great in their own spaces. You just need to be clear about what your expectations are, what your area is, and what your budget is before choosing one.

Final note

In case you are unable to decide on the type of chiller, you can count on the country’s best manufacturer of chillers and cooling towers – CET Enviro by Tsur Ben David. In addition to an extensive range, you will be provided with eco-friendly water treatment solutions and professional guidance to make a wise choice.

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