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Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled Which Chiller is the Best?
Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled: Which Chiller is the Best?

You must be familiar with the fact that industrial processes generally generate a huge amount of heat that can further damage the finished products and sensitive equipment. To prevent this, there is a solid solution available in the form of chillers. These chillers can either be air-cooled or water-cooled. With the help of these systems, one can monitor and regulate the temperature at the best possible level. If you are planning to get a chiller system for your facility and are in a dilemma about whether to pick air-cooled or water-cooled, then this post is for you. A leading name in the water and energy industry – Tsur Ben David has given the following details so that you can decide better and make a wise choice.

So, let us get started!

Air-Cooled v/s Water-Cooled

Even though the functions of these two chillers are to remove excessive heat from the manufacturing processes, your selection may be based on the following factors:

  • Cost differences
  • Condenser mechanisms
  • Capacity
  • Location and environmental considerations
  • Aesthetic and operational differences

Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Condensers

Before we talk about the difference, let us help you understand what these chillers are. An air-cooled chiller is equipped with a condenser that utilizes the air of the environment to reduce the heat. A water-cooled chiller, on the other hand, can make the most out of the water’s heat capacity to help with refrigerant chilling – Tsur Ben David CEO

Air-Cooled v/s Water-Cooled: Which one to choose?

In addition to the difference listed above, the following can differentiate these two chiller types. Have a look:

  • Expenses

Costing is something that can better help you decide between air-cooled and water-cooled. While exploring the options available, you must consider the chiller’s cost along with additional expenses related to installation and maintenance.

  • Capacity range of the chiller

Is a water-cooled chiller better than the air-cooled ones from the size viewpoint? Well! To know the answer, continue reading this paragraph. If we talk about the average capacity range, then air-cooled chillers can have sizes that are ranging from 7.5 tons to 500 tons. And when it comes to water-cooled chillers, they can provide you with a higher range i.e. 10 tons to 4000 tons. You can even check the same on the CET Enviro – a firm by Tsur Ben David.

  • Locations or environment

The planned spot for the chiller’s placement is yet another important point that you should consider while deciding on the best industrial chiller. For instance, if you are buying it for an indoor location, then you should go for the water-cooled ones. It is because air-cooled will not work efficiently when the ventilation is poor. Similarly, air-cooled chillers work the best when placed outside as they can utilize outdoor settings for better efficiency. However, you must keep one thing in mind if the place is having poor water supply, you must not pick the water-cooled chillers as they will not work well.

  • The lifespan of the chiller/ equipment

A water-cooled chiller can have longevity of around 20-30 years, while air-cooled systems can have 15-20 years. As per Tsur Ben David, the main reason for this difference is the installation spots. A water-cooled chiller is typically installed indoors and it is free from various climatic effects. But air-cooled are placed outside so it has an adverse effect on its lifespan.

Final words

In addition to the above-listed points, you should also consider the noise level and chillers’ efficiency while picking the best one for your facility. In case you feel the process is a bit complex, you can connect with Tsur Ben David Entrepreneur for further assistance and guidance. Being a popular name in this industry, he understands what industry needs to yield maximum benefits. You can also make the most out of his knowledge by connecting with us.

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