Tsur Ben David

Tsur Ben David

Tsur Ben David is an Israel based entrepreneur and corporate executive with over three decades of rich experience, holding management positions in the energy and water industries, and leading the global development and projects in the clean and green technologies.

David is instrumental in bringing the Israel based technology for cooling Systems and opening a full-fledged production unit in India.

Under his stewardship, CET Enviro has emerged as a forerunner of green technologies in Cooling Efficiency, taking leading position in India and making a strong footprint abroad. As CEO, he sets and evolves the strategic direction for the company and its portfolio of offerings, while nurturing a strong leadership team to drive its execution.

Tsur Ben David How it began?

Tsur Ben David is a former pilot of the Air Force and a serial entrepreneur in the CleanTech field. After spending more than 27 years in the water and energy industries, he gained massive management experience. He has worked on several global projects in the field of CleanTech and handled numerous roles in the various product and technology companies. After giving the industry so much, Tsur Ben David started his own venture CET Enviro. To deliver high-quality and eco-friendly results, he always tries to bring pragmatic and goal-oriented approaches.

He possesses several years of experience in local as well as international businesses. When it comes to his specialization, his expertise is basically in finding out and developing useful commercial relationships with the people in targeted international markets and getting in touch with the strategic partners. Tsur Ben David is best recognized in the industry as a committed and creative working professional who is having wide work experience in handling international businesses, technologies, channel development, and markets.

Tsur Ben David: More than Just a Name in the Industry

Anyone familiar with the energy and water industries will surely give you a brief about the personality and professional journey of Tsur Ben David. After spending so many years in the industry, today, he is best known for his creating thinking, professional approaches, and committed yet professional behavior. Apart from this, he has hands-on experience in handling international businesses, markets, technologies, and channel developments. All these helped him run CET Enviro on a successful note.

Set up by the country’s best and a highly successful entrepreneur – Tsur Ben David, CET Enviro is bringing the most advanced, well-proven, and nature-friendly (green) innovative technologies in the market for commercial and industries cooling facilities. The solutions designed by this prominent firm include optimizing water-cooled chillers, tube heat exchangers, surface condensers, energy monitoring systems, industrial shells, water testing equipment, SBR, and so on.

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